Blue Poppy Farm Paso Fino Horse Rescue was created to assist in the rescue system and provide foster care, rehabilitation, and retraining for horses that have been abused, neglected, abandoned, starved, or are on their way to slaughter.


100% of all donations made go solely towards maintaining and helping Paso Fino rescue horses. This includes feed, veterinary care, training, rescue, transportation, rehabilitation, and placement of these horses.


We believe that rehabilitation and training is key for placing these horses in new homes and pairing them with the right owners in a permanent situation. We work together hand in hand with a network of Paso Fino horse rescues that range from the Northeast to South Florida, along with other compassionate people across the country.



We assist with funding and organizing the bailing, rescue, transportation of slaughter horses as well as other Paso Fino horses in need so they may arrive to quarantine, rehabilitation, or their foster location.


We also assist in providing these displaced horses new forever homes, and we do thorough, extensive background checks in order to match these horses with the right owners.


We temporarily foster horses, which includes feeding, training, and medical care for Paso Fino horses that are on their way to slaughter or are abused, malnourished, and in need of care for transition into permanent placement.


We provide referrals to rescue volunteers within our network, or any others that we are aware of, to help place horses that we may not be able to house.


We pledge to be involved with educating and offering clinics with fellow like-minded horse trainers in our network.



At Blue Poppy Farm Paso Fino Horse Rescue, we believe that Paso Fino enthusiasts — which includes breeders, sellers, trainers and owners — have an obligation to operate with pride and integrity.


This means making sure that their horses are adaptable and have the ability to transition from show competitors to other wonderful jobs that these very talented horses can enjoy. This very special breed not only can achieve a great deal in the ring but also shows strong potential for excellence in many other diverse areas. This beautiful, sensitive breed has an incredible talent, intuition, and sensibility.


We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that, in the event a horse isn’t showing any longer, it is able to find a loving home and is not simply tossed aside, neglected, or sent to slaughter.